10-Year Old Student Designs Game
4 Disember 2017

“We actually had to do it for a school project. The teacher wanted everyone to make something to sell. Everyone was doing cookies, craft and other stuff. That was kind of boring. I wanted to make a game,” Max Tong explains.

The 10-year-old student’s game has since spread out of the confines of his school project. Max and his family have since been appearing at events around Malaysia and Singapore to spread word of their creation.

“All the drawings here were made by Max, with a professional designer helping to layout the cards,” his mother, Chong See Ming beams proudly at the booth, helping to promote the game in Max’s absence. “Max has a football tournament to attend today, so you’ll have to come back later if you want to talk to him.”

Designed by Max with help from his father, Sim Tong, Vangorro is a two-player card game aimed at kids and teens, empowering them to strategise and think outside the box.

She lays out some cards on the table. The art embodies the kind of fantastical design a child would dream up while his mind wandered from homework or while laying in bed at night.

“This Moka Rider is a real animal. It's actually based on his cousins’ dog! And this hornbill was an impression of the bird he saw at Endau Rompin.” 

Later in the evening, we found Max at the neighbouring booth with a friend, excitedly trying out a new game console. Max confessed that he enjoys gaming and drawing in his spare time.

“My dad is the one who plays Clash Royale, not me! I like playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game!” 

On his future plans, Max explains,  “If the game does well, I think I’d like to be a full time game designer. If not, I always wanted to try being an SFX artist!”

Well, you have our full support, Max!  You can follow Max and his game at https://www.facebook.com/Vangorro